I am Generation X, born in the ’70s, growing up in the ’80s.

Coming from the last generation who played dodgeball, stickball on the streets and tried to jump sketchy self-made wooden ramps on customized BMX bikes. We’ve been the architects of our youth and plenty of tree houses out in the deep forests. We’ve learned to fix things to keep them alive instead of replacing them.

In the summer school holiday, we’ve been kicked out of the house by our parents, holding a European Interrail Ticket in one hand and a stupidly packed backpack in the other hand, ready to explore life outside the comfort zone. On our way, we spend the last money on fresh batteries for our Sony “walkman” to continue listening to our favourite bands.

We’ve travelled in cars without seat bells, sat in smoking cabins on planes and never used helmets on our bikes or skateboards. Yet, some scarves later, we still laugh about plenty of good memories. Memories that dreamed first before they became unforgettable experiences later. We’ve shaped out of our dreams and not someone else Instagram or Facebook account. We inhaled places and moments instead of instantly capturing and sharing them through social media.

Our photo camera was loaded with a 24 or 36 photo film, and each picture was captured carefully and thought out. Each film has been 24 decisions we’ve made—a thought behind, a reason to become THE photo. We believed in our choices and the technical experience we had. Still, when we picked up the prints, it was either a moment of satisfaction or disappointment.

But never the less, we had a great time together and still keep those blurry, over-or underexposed memories in our minds. We remember them because they were special moments for us, more significant moments than the correct camera setting. We accepted the imperfection of the photo because of the perfect moment we had.

Today I work as a creative filmmaker. Try to avoid blurry, over-or underexposed images. Look for the perfection in the picture, through my eye, my experience and the technical options.

I’ve studied “Communication Design and Arts” in Hamburg before I started to work for international Advertisement Agencies in Germany and later outside of Germany. I’ve fulfilled the role as a Creative Director for Marlboro Motorsport International, working with the Ferrari Marlboro Formula One Team and Ducati Marlboro Moto GP Team, a dream job came true.

After many years of burned rubber and fuel, I decided to find my own way and quit my job to go freelance to support clients such as companies or agencies with my deep understanding of advertisement, graphic- and digital design, photography and cinematography. Until today, a decision was made I do not want to regret.

So, that’s it. Or better not! Life goes on, and there are still many dreams to come true, many frontiers to explore and stories to share.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw