Speedseekers is a dream come true. It all began for Alexandra Lier when she met David Perry at a truckstop near Bonneville. It was her first visit to Speed Week. A life-long obsession for fast cars, hot rods and customs was born. She’s since honed her skills burning rubber with the best of them, meeting and photographing top mechanics, racers and adrenaline junkies from all over the world. All of it is captured here with extraordinary images taken on the salt flats and racetracks, and in the studios and garages of this fanatically passionate culture.

Speedseekers is organized in five main chapters: History, Garage, Speed, Landspeed, and Style & Sound. Breathtaking archival photographs of legendary racers and race cars set the stage, a stunning suite of portraits of the protagonists in their private garages give the reader a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Contemporary images of today’s racers and current record-holders with their wheels and their fans lend the whole book a riveting and authentic air. But it doesn’t stop there. The whole world of the supporting cast is represented, customizers, painters and stripers, model builders, illustrators and tattoo artists, musicians and designers fill out this amazing collection of all things speedy. All of it told with the gear-banging prose of Kevin Thomson.

This Is the Race That Never Ends…
Family and friends who can’t understand think you are crazy. The money, the time, the space and labor, the endeavor it takes. Frequently the payoff is invisible. To the disinterested outsider the affair borders on ludicrous, a state of arrested development perhaps. It could be true to a certain extent but you know better. There is so much more to it. Knowledge and experience gained, skills and friends acquired, memories and the chemistry of the brain delivering the goods when the engine screams.

Speedseekers by Alexandra Lier
274 Pages, 1 Gatefold, 280 mm x 220 mm, Hardcover, 370 Illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-58423-314-5
€ 39,90