I’ve upgraded myself from the Nikon D90 to a Canon 7D and shot some first footage and still images today from Lola at the playground. I still try to find the best camera settings on Manuel mode with the Canon EF-S Zoom lens – 18 mm – 135 mm – F/3.5-5.6 – Canon EF. But already I’m really impressed by the speed and quality of the 7D. The handling is just amazing and well thought through. Easy to access the important settings with short cuts and there is no need to become a finger acrobat or take piano lessons to control the camera. Even that the 7D uses a metal body and the D90 a mix of metal and plastic, the D90 felt a bit more solid than the 7D. But the sizes of these two cameras are already very different. To shoot also smaller images (Mode M,S) as RAW images is a very nice thing to have. Also the speed of 8 images/second is very high. So I feel already addicted to the new camera. Sure there is plenty of room to increase the quality with the right camera settings and for sure with a nice f1.4 aperture lenses, but that’s next.

I shot the footage with 50fps and color corrected it in Premiere Pro.

Camera: Canon 7D with Canon EF-S Zoom lens – 18 mm – 135 mm – F/3.5-5.6 – Canon EF

Music: El Ten Eleven / My Only Swerving