The French Kitebrand F-One is very well know for their kite movie masterpieces and well thought-out scripts about action scenes as well as great mood shots and local colors. By using the RED One camera F-One movie’s shine through brilliant colors and a top quality.

Manera Waterman Experience is a mixture of documentary and surf action. The international team rider and wave master Mitu Monteiro was born at the Cap Verdes. He invited the entire F-One team to Sal to ride with him the biggest swell, which ever hit Sal.

Raphael Salles, owner of F-One and still one of the best wave riders in the world and Mitu are using the new F.One Bandit 3 with F-One Bamboo Surfboards. As you can see in this amazing video, it looks like their secret weapon to the rough power of the ocean. As always in the F-One video’s there are amazing camera movements, incredible pictures and nice underwater mood shots.