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Most of the videos from the early 80’s when MTV started are not very well known. When I saw Madonnas “Material Girl” video today I couldn’t remember that I had never seen it. Even that I bought the record when I was 12 years old – outsch!

Madonna was inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are a girls best friend, but she said that with this song, she wanted to infuse the message that she was stronger than that to fall victim to the wealth and material things, and the guy in the end who only has flowers and a box of chocolates wins her heart over the diamonds. In the video She plays the character of a “Material Girl” but in life, she is not, and the other guy wins her over.

Funny that 15 years later her 13 years old daughter Lourdes just released her own fashion line under the name of “Material Girl”. I’m glad that Lola is just 2.5 years old and hopefully will not  find out about the new “Material Girl” collection.