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An EPIC ad film about a journey through people’s ideas. Ideas you never thought possible. A commercial – with extra everything. The brief many advertising agencies dream about: Splurge on, no limits, and the theme is to realize dreams. FP7 in Bahrain was commissioned to create advertising for the film Infitity operator Batelco. It is not often advertising from Arab countries reach the West. The operator Batelco in Bahrain has global ambitions and gave the assignment to the advertising agency FP7 previously been known to fake their contribution to the Dubai Lynx advertising competition.

How large the budget was not clear but creative director of FP7 Fadi Yaish told Shots that media budget was not of international standard. “- The most effective solution for reaching across borders was to reach out in social media.”

It took the Agency and directors Alexander Kiesel and Steffen Hacker a year to do a 3.20 minutes long film. And they have borrowed from the most technologically advanced movies and made a commercial with extra everything. There are cars that change shape, soccer tricks and big gorillas. And the film has succeeded. In just over a week has been Batelco 100 000 Facebook fans from 46 countries.

The second trailer is only for facebook fans. Go to http://www.facebook.com/batelcoinfinity for Exclusive materials, behind the scene, interviews with the award winning duo directors and the whole team behind INFINITY.