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If you rate Google with the “+” or “-” is up to you but it will be maybe hard to get around it in the future. Yes, right, you don’t need to use it if you don’t like! The Google system will not force you to use it but maybe don’t have to. There are already good reasons out why to use it instead or beside Facebook. The quality of content is much higher and better selected than on Facebook. That maybe will change with the amount of members over time but hopefully never gets as poor than on Facebook. The idea of having your friends/people you know in different circles is a nice option to have to share your information with just certain groups of people or all, as you like. Sparks are making it easy to find content of your interests easily over the massive search engine of Google and to share it within one click with the audience. The “Hang Out” function gives you the freedom to have video calls with as many friends you like at the same time and seeing them on screen. So there are plenty of more well thought through functionalities and they all come in a very basic and simply user friendly design.

I’m using it now for 3 weeks and I’m well surprised by the quality of posts and content I see and find on Google+. Facebook is still nice for the daily gossip and updates of peoples life’s but nothing really more above that. If you want to hand out even more information to Google by using Google+, that is a good question! But both systems had and have your account with an tremendous amount of information about you, your daily life, interests are already set up  for you. The only thing you need to do is, sign up for it.

Still not sure? You can take the walk-through here