Love this open face helmet with the golden design, which was inspired by the evocative Maya writing.

With around 817 Euro for the painting job plus another 400-500 Euro for the helmet you need some little cash for this unique artwork. But, it’s unique and very special. Please read what the guys from “unexpected-custom” have to say about this special.

The ideographs and Mayan symbols are expertly mixed to the sinuous lines of the flame: icon of contemporary biker world, reinterpreted with this unusual combination that creates a refined and elegant aesthetic short circuit. Made with airbrushed special colors for glass on a complete metal lamination. The artistic work of this custom helmet is particularly bright and elegant through the use of our special colors for glass that, airbrushed on the in gold leaf surface, offer a rich range of bronze colors and shades. The realization of the middle lettering is obtained with a airbrushed marbled texture that enriches the customization of this design.

Check it out here: Link