As mentioned in an earlier post, the last year has been quite an improvement for me. 2017 brought me to new frontiers, not only geological but also personally. Having said that, I don’t mean it in any negative way. Being thankful for every experience I made, every second I traveled or learned something new. Travel unveils always new experiences and adventures, that’s what I love about it. New places, new people shape our openness and horizon. They take us out of our daily routine and often enough changing our perspectives on thoughts. Now that I sit here and remember some of the most intense moments of 2017, the Northern Lights above Disco Bay in Illulisat/Greenland jumped straight away into my mind. Standing on my own and with my film gear at midnight above the bay under a bright full-moon at -30 degrees Celcius was such an intense and magic experience I will never forget. Or climbing the volcano “Stromboli” in front of beautiful Sicily in Italy, such different but at the same time similar experience.

My 2017 showreel features only some of the film projects I’ve worked on over the year. I think I have to come up with a part 2, for such magic moments I’ve just mentioned above.