Apples give’s you that amazing feeling when you hold a new piece of modern hardware in your hands. You walk out of the Apple store and believe that this device is the fastest and most advance technology on planet earth. You think this will last for the upcoming 5-8 years and is still good enough for most of what you bought it for. [one_half]WRONG. I’m in the 4th loop of Macintosh Computer. I say Macintosh because when I bought the first Apple Macintosh we still called them like this. It was the first Powermac in new design & concept. The Apple Macintosh Powermac 3G. 1999 one of the fastest machine on the market and with it’s 1GB RAM, 300MB Processor and a 4 GB Hard Drive, I was more proud about this Powermac than my other loved machine, a 1971 Ford Taunus. Different to the Taunus, 2 years later the first iPod was launched and had more power and disc space than my Powermac, commonly known as the “Blue and White G3”. Lucky me, at the time I already finished university and had applied for a job at Leo Burnett. There I had the great fortune of a company computer, the new “Powerbook G4 Titanium”, another state-of-the-art product, which was carefully designed by Apple. At the time the fastest and most advanced Powerbook to order. To cut a long story short, the same loop happened over and over again, every time you get a new Apple product you have this special feeling, until 2 years are gone and you think you are so “old school” with your computer that you would love to take it to a Apple museum or start your own one.[one_half_last]

[/one_half] I bought my latest Powerbook in 2012 and yes, I had the same known uplifting feeling when I unpacked it. 2 years later I worked on a Powerbook with a SSD Drive for the first time. This changed my entire feeling. I didn’t thought I’ve been thrown backwards for 2 years with my computer, it felt more than a time warp. But at the start of SSD drives I found costs of them too high. Now, after another 2 years, costs went down and sizes of SSD drives up. That was enough reason for me to take my 2012 Powerbook with 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB HD, to replace it with a 1 TB SSD drive, the Samsung SSD 850 EVO. I didn’t change the DVD drive with the old 500GB HD, but take it into consideration to replace it. The result is amazing already. Where it took almost 2 min to start my Powerbook before, it takes now 1 min. Applications like Photoshop or other CC programs open almost on click. I haven’t done any rendering on film or 3D but I think this is more based on RAM than hard drive. But the entire operation system is so much faster that it feels like I’ve just been thrown 2 years ahead into the future. [/one_half_last]