Sometimes is good to break the habits, taking yourself out of the comfort zone and do something different, something you haven’t done for a while. Last Friday I decided after a business meeting in Munich to stay over night or better the weekend in a backpacker hostel in Munich. Why? Well, we all know the feeling of going away for a while. Get your gear prepared and reach out for an new adventure. Searching for stories from people from all over the world. Because I can’t and don’t want to leave home at the moment but still missing the feeling of being away with my backpack, I made the plan of getting myself in an backpackers place to hear some great stories and have company with people from different nations.

Having said this, it all worked out well. I found a great place at the main train station area which is home of an international crowed of backpackers from all over the world. The Youth Hostel is one of the well known places in the international backpackers scene. The hostel is an amazing old building with nice rooms and a great bar downstairs. I spent some time during the evening talking to many people, mostly to British, Americans or Asian people. Not only the stories but also the Bavarian beer turned the hours in an enjoyable time.

After a long night out I started my day quite early and went on the sight seeing tour through Munich. I booked myself on one of the double-decker buses and enjoyed the great view from the top while the bus was carrying me around town. From my sight seeing trip I ended up in the English garden, where friends of a friend celebrated their birthday.