I’m always open and willed to hand out little things, donations to people or animals in need. But when I came back today from a nearby beach, a wonderful beach I visited during the afternoon, when I entered my little bamboo room in the guest house, I saw the banana, the one I left on the rack, half eaten. So, quick thinking, snakes and spiders don’t eat bananas, right? Hmm, next most common animal, especially around the guest houses, are rat’s. I have seen some around the other day, close to the guest house, which had the size of my forearm.

Not enough that this “smart” creature took my vitamin snack, the bloody thing had also bitten her way through the top of my rucksack into the top level where I had some crackers. By the size of the hole, the size of my fist, this rat must be not only one of the bigger rats but also one of the smartest around here. At least with a very sensitive nose.

As we all know – rats are quite smart. The information that there is some food available at my little bamboo house went straight into the rats memory. So it wasn’t really a surprise that when I switched the light out to go to sleep the rat came back into the room. Facing the creature with my flash light made her stop for a second but not leave the room. Getting in through a small hole under the roof the rat found the way down over some bamboo sticks on the side of the wall. I could not believe how big this animal was. At least the size of my forearm. I did not work out to kill her with my Flip-Flop, at least made her go away for some minutes until I switched out the light, same story continued. Rat came back in, trying to find the way to my backpack. So I tried to find something bigger, a stronger weapon. All I could find was the Cambodia Loney Planet Guide. I almost hit her with the book and the feeling came up that the rat starts to get aggressive against my stupid weapons. So the rat left the room again for a second, a second I used to get a towel and cover up the gap in the wall … I pushed it into the hole that heavy, that at least the rat had no chance to get back in again.

I believe that when you start sharing your privacy with rat’s – it’s better to leave.