Sunday afternoon with Lisa and Lola at the amusement park “Lochmuehle” in the Taunus.

Lochmühle Amusement Park has been an extraordinary and popular attraction in the Rhine-Main area for over 35 years. Grown to a size of 15 hectars, the park nowadays attracts visitors from all over Germany, but still offers quiet sanctuaries even on busy days. A s a former corn mill and farm the “Lochmühle” chooses to distinguish itself from larger, highly mechanised parks. Instead of having a few big rides with long waiting lines, the park relies on a broad variety in a countryside setting.

Guests can choose from about 150 playing and exercising items, romp along a river´s natural course or on meadows, play with indigenous animals in the petting zoo and even watch baby chicks hatch with a bit of luck. Our offer is rounded off by the possibility to picknick and barbecue in groups of all sizes. Experiencing nature and animals, playing and fooling around, being able to spend time with the family and doing things together: This exciting mix and the possibility of self-development make up a combination appreciated by school classes, kindergardens and families.