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You don’t have to love skiing to enjoy the sports documentary “The Edge of Never”. This movie looks at the rarefied subculture of extreme skiing. These athletes cross frontiers while climbing highest and most remote mountains, in most challenging weather and terrain conditions. They trigger avalanches and – all too often – die.

“The Edge of Never” is based on a true story. A story of the legend skier Trevor Peterson who killed himself 1996 in Charmonix, France. Nine years later, his baby faced son Kye, 15 years old, attempts to ski in his father’s footsteps. aided by Trevor’s friends and mentors, including Anselme Baud considered the godfather of the alpine world or crazy Glen Plake a pioneer of extreme skiing in America.

2 of Kye’s statements in the movie, “I always wanted to ski that round my dad died on” and “I want to see what my dad last saw”, show his strong character and the will to fulfill this self-appointed challenge.

I haven’t seen the full movie yet but hopefully soon I will. Comments on different blogs are very promising, that this will maybe be one of the best ski documentaries ever.

Can’t wait to see it!