It’s becoming the time of the year when people start to go to Christmas markets, drinking Glühwein, eating sausages and enjoying the pre Christmas time. The problem is that most of the Christmas markets in the bigger cities are too touristy and not very traditional or nice. Let’s say, I’m not a big fan of them. But if you look more outside the city, on the country side, you’ll find some beautiful local markets. Lisa had the great idea to drive on Saturday to the Ronneburg, a very nice castle 40km outside of Frankfurt, to visit the historical Christmas market around and inside the castle. I must say, it was very special as the market was a real historical market like 500 years back in time. Same time it was great fun to see all the disguised people around there. Michelle from South Africa joined us with her boy friend Rob from Ireland, which was nice as they haven’t been to a more local market before.