Interesting documentary of the outdoor brand Peak Performance about climbing and sailing in Greenland. Often on those expeditions, athletes enter remote territory of unknown land and expectations. Different to many adventures, sailing and climbing in these areas have not been explored much. Artic mountaineering requires dedication into topographical research. Some information taken from the film description.

 From the start of the film, each scene seamlessly echoes back and forth between images of the surreal mountains in Greenland. The climbers are older, wiser and more reflected of their past adventures. Edurne, fresh off her incredible feat of being the first woman to climb all fourteen 8000 meter peaks in the world, tells us of her life story, while Erwan and Martial seek out new first ascents along the coastline, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring. Their story comes to life with archival footage of past hardships and hand drawn animations. Each of the climbers story flow in-and-out of this voyage through the fjords in this magic land.