Learn to fly – the wonder from Cesena/Italy. What does it takes to get such big band like the “Foo Fighters” to come to your hometown to play a special concert? It takes one person with a big idea and another 1000 to believe in. It all started with a quick idea by Fabio Zaffagnini, the 39 year old Italian desperately wanted the Foo Fighters for a concert in Cesena/Italy. After working on the plan for more than a year, bringing 1000 musicians together to play “Learn to fly”, the dream became true. The event, “This is Rockin’1000”, and specially the video became such big success, that 26 Mio. clicks on Youtube could not get ignored by the band. After 3 months and before the official start of their European Tour, the band played in Cesena/Italy the opening concert of the tour.