Jacob Charles Dietz is an internationally published artist and illustrator working in both traditional and digital mediums and usually both simultaneously. His work tends to center around technology, science fiction and that which just doesn’t exist, lending itself to a wide audience and extensive client base.

Here is a comment about his work on the Ducati Desmodeci 3000.

Ever since I saw Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in Episode IV: A New Hope, I’ve always held a fondness for compact, antigravity/hover vehicles. In the case of the Ducati Desmodeci 3000, the idea of wrapping ones self around what basically equates to an engine with some light fairing material bolted around it is pretty enticing, especially when the pilot is hot young thing in a form fitting leather racing suit. Needless to say, it cant get pretty hot out on the salt flats.

He should send it to the engineer’s of Ducati for the next MotoGP season. At least they would get around the tire problems.

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