Hopefully I will own one in the near future. Bookings for both are open by the end of October. That gives me some more time to think about it 🙂

What can I say … Above it’s what I wrote in a comparison I did lately – Mavic vs. Karma. After thinking about it for some time I couldn’t figure out a good reason to not order a drone, or better, the DJI Mavic Pro. It all seemed to be the right choice until yesterday when DJI launched the new Phantom 4 Pro. I understand that the both drones compare in different leagues or fields of application. But now I’m back to my first question, where and how will I use the drone. What is my exact field of application? Personally I’m often on the run hiking or climbing in the mountains, kitesurfing (lately not very often) but being outside with the kids or on the motorbike. Sometimes I do commercial film projects where quality and technical advantage comes first. Something the new Phantom 4 Pro would absolutely deliver. From a DJI marketing perspective it shows us that the drone market is still so big and booming, that even those two quite similar drone models can own their own market territory on high demand.