… are the most important thing for Indians, for their culture, their religion. For western people often hard to understand or to get into, even if they try hard as you often can tell by the way they dress in India. I’m not quite sure what they think or what’s in their mind when they throw over some traditional Indian clothes. I always have the strong feeling to tell them how stupid they look. In Germany we would call it Carnival and it would give them at least a better reason to do it. Maybe they think that spirituality starts or comes with Indian clothes? Anyway, something the poor Indians have to deal with. But I bet they have some great words for the kind of people. I would love to know them. For me the only thing to believe in, in Pahar Ganj,  is the believe that what ever they will tell you, try to sale to you or recommend it will be a fuck up or disappointment. Last one is the best ending of the story.
Pahar Ganj/Delhi, feels like the end of the Indian bowel and I almost forgot about it. But walking for the last 2 days around Pahar Ganj and neighborhood made me face reality in real time. I strongly believe that there must be a different side of the town but I have not found or seen it yet. Maybe there isn’t.
Taking some of my learnings from 2006 into consideration, I had booked a cheap hotel over the Internet in advance and I have taken a prepaid taxi from the Delhi airport to Pahar Ganj. Both guaranteed a smooth landing for myself here in Delhi. Pahar Ganj is definitely not the place where you want to hang out for too long. Tomorrow I will leave for Nepal/Kathmandu where I really look forward to.
Overall I had a good start here in Delhi, met some interesting people and enjoyed the chaos in the jungle of Parah Ganj. Please note that I have enormous affection for India and total respect to it’s tenacity in overcoming difficulties. Don’t extend my words to the country as a whole impression, as it would be wrong. But everybody who been to Pahar Ganj in Delhi will share my impressions and agree that it is a rough small corner of India.

Enjoy looking at the pictures …