India 09

I guess the first touch point with India is when you go to the Indian Embassy and start to organize your visa. The big posters on the walls display the amazing and colorful beauty of India. Bollywood movies on flat screens deliver the right sound to set you in the mood for another great adventure in your life. Sometimes the adventure starts already at the embassy, when you try to organize your visa. I had my great experience already last week which I see now as a warm up for my leave tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow I will leave for a 6 weeks trip to Asia. First stop will be Delhi/India, where I will stay for 4 days. From Delhi I will fly to Kathmandu/Nepal where I stay another 4 days before I will fly over to Bangkok/Thailand. So far that’s the plan. But as always, nothing is set in stone and everything can change. From Bangkok the map is wide open. Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam? No plan yet.

I will keep you updated as long there is a Internet connection around me.

Take care,