I left Kathmandu yesterday and went over Delhi to Bangkok. The last days in Kathmandu had been very nice. The family invited me to their home and cooked the entire day Nepali and Sherpa food for me. For sure I had to drink litres of “Dumba” that day. We had a great time and they have been so thankful for the donated money I brought them. They did not had any words to describe how much it means to them. But their faces and reaction told everything.
Again, thanks to everybody who supported this case and the believe in the truth of this story. For all the non believers, your next chance for a donation is coming up soon.

Add on: As you can see at the above image, even in Nepal they are interested in Motorsport. They showed an old race, Silverstone GP 1994, on TV, the race Damon Hill won after a dramatic battle with Michael Schumacher during the race. Guess how long I was starring on that screen to find out what season or GP track it is. Also I had to explain my Nepali friends at the pub that this is an old race and cars look very different today.