Transfer at Delhi Airport: I had to pass the security check at Delhi airport and the custom officer found a pack of Marlboro Light cigarettes in the side pocket of my trouser. Next second he asked to see my lighter but I did not had one on me. So I excused and explained him I don’t have a lighter with me. He did not believe so he asked again. I explained again. He answered he want to see the lighter because he knows that if there are cigarettes there must also be a lighter. So this discussion went on over some minutes and I almost gave up. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me and said in kind of a straight voice that the next time I should bring lighter …

Funny thing is that if I had carried a lighter with me the story had been the opposite way around.

Kao San Road Bangkok: Today I had some food at a street kitchen close to Kao San Road. The street kitchen was basically made of a wok and a couple of bags filled up with fresh vegetables and meat, a table and a chair. After I had eaten I lighted up a cigarette and watched the people on the street. Suddenly the Thai chef came up to me to inform me that smoking is forbidden in his street kitchen. So, isn’t this funny. You sit under the open sky outside on the street, one table and no other customers around and this guy is still protecting his area from smoking. But what really made the story was that he was smoking behind his wok while preparing the food.

I think I will stay 2 more day’s in the jungle of Bangkok before I travel north to Chang Mai or Cambodia. Have not decided yet. But I made a good deal today on a second hand Lonely Planet 2009 travel guide which will hopefully bring the answers.