Yo, it’s almost 3 weeks ago that I went with YouDit to the Dockville Festival 2010 in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. The Music and Art Festival is well known for the great location (Elbinseln) and a friendly atmosphere, which also comes form the fact that the Dockville is one of the smaller Music festivals in Germany but still with a good selected line up on bands.

Hey, we took the tent and camped for 2 nights at the festival to capture the full festival atmosphere! And it was worth it, we had great fun at the event, watching bigger and smaller bands like KAKKMADDAFAKKA or the Klaxons, playing stupid games or having fun with our neighbour Jan.

It’s a shame that the summer seems to be over and most events are gone by now but for next year I’m all in.

I didn’t bring my Nikon and only took some pics with my IPhone. Couldn’t take too many with the IPhone as there wasn’t a chance to recharge the battery of the phone. So I had to steel some pics from the Internet.