It’s over a half year ago that I went on a 6 weeks backpacking trip to Asia. I flew into India to travel up north to Kathmandu/Nepal where I stayed for a week to visit a Nepali family I personally know. From Nepal I traveled more east into Thailand from where I found my way north again to see Angkor Wat at Siam Reap/Cambodia. From Siam Reap I head south over Phnon Penh to later Sihanoukville in the south of Cambodia. Back in Bangkok I went further south to a small place close to Hua Hin where I stayed over Christmas before I continued my journey even more south to Chumphon from where I took a boat to get to Koh Tao over New Year. Back over Bangkok-Delhi-Frankfurt.

The entire trip was quite tough as I crossed 4 borders in 6 weeks and some of them more than ones. I think there wasn’t any kind of transportation I missed on this trip. It was worth every minute and another great experience in life. Finally I managed to upload a selection of images to the diary of the trip.

Have fun looking at the pictures. The above sunset picture was taken in front of a Mosque at Phnom Penh/Cambodia.