After I changed my Guest House this morning, I have the strong feeling to leave the steamy Asian metropolis and start to travel north, direction Cambodia. 3 days in Bangkok are enough, it sucks just too much energy out of my body. There is definitely too much distraction in town, the city which never sleeps.
So, I will jump on a bus tomorrow morning and find my way to Siem Reap/Cambodia. Close to Angkor Wat I will maybe stay for 2 days and travel through the temple of historical Angkor Wat. Fom Siem Reap I will try to get on a boat and travel down, over the Lake Tonle Sap, to Phnom Penh and from there over the Mengkong River further south close to the Vietnam border. Maybe stay in the area for another 3-4 days, move my feed into Vietnam/Mui Ne to do some kitesurf or just hang out along the beautiful beaches of south Vietnam.
Keeping in mind that I will have to go back to Bangkok and maybe even further down from there, I will travel back into Cambodia and stay closely to the coast line until I reach Sihanoukville. This area is also recommended as one of the most beautiful beach side of South Cambodia and worth to spend some time at.
Shit, just had to drop another 10 BHT coin into the machine to not loose connection. So, some more time to write. Whats the daily life in Bangkok. Mmhh, food, fresh fruit shakes, massages, Tuk Tuk tours or just stupid things like going to the post office, buying a bag to leave stuff (winter clothes from Nepal) at the storage (hostel). Planing the tour, meet people. By the way, the picture of the old hippie guy I posted in my last post is Stafano from Tuscany/Italy, which I met at the airport. Funny and weired guy, traveled all over India, at least been there 30 times in his entire life. He had been to prison in India 4 times, you don’t want to know the reasons, longest stay was 4 months. He was a great entertainment and fun to listen to.