Next year I will stop teasing my birthday as much to Lola as I did this year. Maybe I overdid a little.

One and a half weeks after my birthday Lola was still in a birthday mood and wanted to celebrate. No birthday is coming up soon and so we needed a plan B. It’s almost 3 years ago that Lola’s best friend toy “Gogo” was given to her by my father. So, here we are, Gogo is turning 3 years old this Sunday. The only problem, which Gogo is turning 3? As we have so many of them we couldn’t find out which is the original, means the first, the one and only Gogo. As this was getting a bit complicated we decided to take 2 out and have them become twins from now on. They anyway look the same. Said, done. We bought them a nice present on Saturday and made some “Lillifee” muffins for breakfast the next day. Lola enjoyed the birthday celebration a lot and she already plans the next birthday party’s for the rest of her “Gogo” gang. Have fun Lisa 🙂