It’s the time of the year when the racing teams unveile their vehicles. New riders or drivers, the livery of vehicles and the team outfits get presented. Ducati’s 2011 MotoGP project was officially presented last week at Madonna di Campiglio, with the celebration of the traditional Wrooom event. Formula One drivers Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and the MotoGP team-mates Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden joined the one week press conference at the Italian ski resort. The week-long program was filled with press conferences, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobil races and a lot of other activities. Taking a closer look on the new 2011 livery, I think the bikes look awesome but I don’t like the leathers that much. Not sure why they added the hughe black part at the front as it doesn’t look very sporty or dynamic. Somehow they look like robots or even playmobile people in their new leathers. Maybe that was the intention?


If so, who’s intention was it? As Diesel became official sponsor of the team early 2011 I guess they have not been involved in the design of the leathers which usually is done by Alpinestars. Still, I believe that there will be an influence over time by the “Made in Italy” icon Diesel as the sponsoring platform is coordinated on Diesel’s side by Stefano Rosso, Renzo’s son, who is responsible for the brand’s overall strategic alliances. A passion for racing and the Ducati brand are nothing new for Renzo Rosso. Motorsport sponsoring and specially partnering with Ducati is nothing really new for the Italian brand as they did sponsor 1990 a Ducati bike at the World Superbike series. So, get ready to see the unmistakable Diesel mohawk head on the bikes and rider suits, a testimony of the commitment between the two companies. Seems like the start of this season feels already extraordinary for the Ducati Team with the arrival of Valentino Rossi and the association with Diesel.

I’m sure more will follow …