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You like action movies? Than don’t miss this one.

Created by the award winning director Joe Wright the movie looks really promising to me. Hanna, played by Saorise Ronan which had been nominated for an Oscar by the age of 16 for her performance in Antonement, re-teams here with the Antonement director Joe Wright.

In the movie Saoirse Ronan plays a 14-year-old Eastern European girl raised by her father (Eric Bana) to be a cold-blooded killing machine. Cate Blanchett also stars in the film as an icy intelligence operative on a mission to find Bana, a former CIA operative, but they get to Hanna first.

What makes the movie even better is the soundtrack, created by “The Chemical Brothers”.

Official Site: http://hannathemovie.com
Director: Joe Wright
Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams, Jason Flemyng