The world of web design is about to change forever.

This can become a very big platform for designers and smaller agencies. I have been struggling with coding for the last years and still don’t know how to do it right. I feel like back at school in French class when I read through. I do sometimes gain a litte victory, but overall it is more depressing than anything else.

So, with PageCloud there comes a high potential that this can change. This web-based browser platform transforms your custom designs in real-time into full functional websides. No coding necessary. There has been similar platforms out and many still exists but this platform comes with incredibles features, which as not been done before.

Here are just some powerful tools:

  • Straight from Photoshop to the Web
  • Drag and Drop. Actually, though.
  • Turn your browser into a blank canvas.
  • Technology that fades away so your content takes the spotlight
  • The fastest, simplest solution for mobile site creation

The scary thing is, that you can even copy an existing webpage, i.e. Apple site, and paste it into your blank canvas and start editing it from there. Delete elements, ad elements.

PageCloud will come as a platform and be constantly developed further. App stores for plug-ins, templates for sides can only become some of the protential features.

If this all comes real and people – in particular designers – will use the platform, than I don’t doubt that PageCloud has the power to become the next big thing.

It can be the helpful tool a lot of designers I know are looking for. To work independent from programmers and developers. Will it kill my job? Some people might think so. They argue that designs will become standardized and even people with less design skills will get the chance to do better jobs. Competition will rise. Maybe yes, maybe now. This is a new tool and still at the beginning and under construction. I’m sure creatives in the 80’s said the same when Photoshop came out. Computers took over standard processes and changed the industry a lot. This is just a new playing field where design-, art- & conceptional skills are still that important than before. And don’t forget, PageCloud is a supporting tool for code and functionalities, but it doesn’t come with a “Button” for “Creativity”!