John Player Lotus from the 80th

2010 Lotus and Jim Clark’s Lotus from the 70th

As you maybe heard a few months ago, Lotus is coming back to Formula 1, albeit in a rather different way. Even though the Malaysian team will only borrow the name, under license, from Proton, which currently owns the famous British brand, and will use some of the company’s racing expertise, it is enough for old time Lotus fans to start watching the next season of Formula 1. As you can see, a new logo has also been found, reviving the famous British Racing Green with gold inserts, which made the Lotus F1 team famous. Personaly I think the new car design sucks. They tried to do a design relaunch of the Lotus F1 car from 70th >see Jim Clark’s Lotus F1 above< but for me it does not work. It is a shame that they did not come up with a cool design-relaunch of the “John Player” Lotus from the 80th, which most people remember as the coolest F1 car design in history. They really missed a great chance to become the “coolest car” of the 2010 season.

As Lotus gave away their chance for the best car design, I picked the HRT car for this season to become my personal winner for the best design. I think they did a great job coming up with a new or better – different look. The HRT racing team is founded by the Spanish ex-driver Adrian Campos. Drivers of the HRT team are Karun Chandhok from India and Bruno Senna from Brazil, better known as the nephew of the late three-time Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna. His mother is Ayrton’s sister. As a bad and sad family story continued, his father did in a motorcycle crash in 1996. What’s also interesting, Bruno wears a slightly modified version of his uncle’s helmet. So I wish him good luck for the season which finaly starts next Sunday with the first race in Bahrain.