File size’s are an important topic, not only for photographers with thousands of pictures. Everybody know’s the situation after a 2 week holiday and hundreds of photos. Even after a best of selection, often hundreds of memories will stay somewhere on a hard drive, external hard drive or get uploaded into a web cloud. I do know the problem quite well and often used “Save to Web” function via Photoshop to reduce file sizes of jpgs.

But, this is quite time assuming and for non-graphic-experienced people, who doesn’t know Photoshop, not the way to look at. So here is a handy and smart solution to reduce file sizes of jpgs in a fast and easy way. JPEG mini is a small application for MAC and Windows, which reduces file sizes of jpgs up to 5 times. There is almost no lack of quality and the best, with only 20 Euro it’s even affordable. So, before upgrading you web cloud storage, thats something to look into. I bought it some days ago and think it’s great.

You can get it here –