As time goes by, I’ve realized lately, that I missed or better, didn’t pay much attention, to my blog anymore.

I loved the idea of having a blog in 2008 when we lived in Rome/Italy, and our daughter Lola was born. The idea to create some communication or better sharing platform for friends and family around the globe. After some time, I did realize that it became much more than just a platform to share my experience of our life in Italy. It became far more a diary based on things which caught my mind, music, art, photography, cinematography, travel and so on and so on …

Since I started the blog project in 2008, many posts have been written and shared, many photos have been uploaded, and plenty of holidays are made. Even throughout times, with Facebook and Instagram, the blog had its place and reason to stay. Most often, for a deeper dive into my life and things around me. Last but not least, for content owned by me and not Facebook & Co.

The design or structure of my blog had often changed over the last decade. Before WordPress turned into the number one platform for CMS based contents, I’ve started on simple HTML scripts without any CMS behind. Typing the source code into HTML editors such as Dreamweaver. Loading each photo per drag & drop on my webserver. Typing text into the source code and add style to the code such as colour and font styles.

10 years later, in 2018, posting and sharing is so much easier and faster, that there isn’t a real excuse to not post on a regular base. Different App’s make it very convenient to post on the run, in real-time, from almost every corner of our planet, as long there is some connection.

So, why did I missed out over the past 12 months? Wasn’t there enough content created? Wasn’t the content strong enough or lagged storytelling?

No, the real reason is, there was just too much happening in 2017. Personal or job-wise, 2017, was a fascinating year for me. I’ve travelled more than back in the days when I’ve worked for huge international clients. I’ve been to extremely ordinary and beautiful places I’ve never thought of before. My eyes had the luxury to see sunsets and sundowns in all variations in extreme and non-extreme conditions.

To cut it short, I was constantly creating great storytelling over the past year. I travelled around the globe, working on beautiful projects in- and outside of Frankfurt. Opened a new office space under the name of Soulmade – A creative collection. And so on and so on … In the end, there was just too much happen to find the right time to lift all the exclusive content to my blog – to share it with you.

Over the next couple of month’s, I will collect and share some of the 2017 adventures with you. I will share photos, videos, and some of the best stories, here on my blog. So stay tuned and enjoy.